Subjects & Languages

An eye for detail, makes our works excellent.

A Trinity certification, from the Trinity University, U.K encourages children to improve and enhance their spoken and written skills in English with the GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) exams. These test students’ ability in listening and speaking. They are one-to-one oral examinations with a Trinity examiner.

Apart from this ‘Rainbow Reading’ is also part of the curriculum to strengthen reading in young students. The Junior Library is an initiative to cultivate reading habits in students from the Kindergarten to the lower primary level.

The English department organizes various competitions like elocution, debate, pick & speak, essay writing, poem writing, article writing, drama & plays to encouraged the students to develop the language skills.

‘Hindi Prachar Sabha’ classes are conducted followed by examinations like pratama, madyama and rashtra basha in hindi in order to provide enrichment and certificate equivalent to the board exam to our students. These exams help students to get preference in Merit examinations. Hindi Diwas is celebrated on September 14th. The students perform various programs which depicts the Hindi literature.
Various competitions are held every year to develop the language skills in students. Debates, elocution, Essay, poem recitation, etc are conducted. The Kannada Rajoysava is celebrated in the month of November every year and eminent speakers visit the school to motivate students to develop their interest in language.
Sanskrit Day is celebrated every year in an innovative manner. Sanskrit shloka recital competition is also conducted in the school. Communicative Sanskrit is also taught in the school.
Math is a hard nut to crack for many students thanks to our math lab n activity based learning that most of our students find concepts of math easy to understand. Practice sheets help children to get familiar with the problems.
The Social Science Department conducts skits, mock parliament entrepreneurship fests and other related activities to create civic awareness and there by prepare them for citizenship. Importance is given on developing social skills by giving students opportunity to learn n grow in order to foster team spirit, sharing and respecting the opinion of the team mates. The students participate in the Heritage Quiz conducted by the CBSE every year.

Students are encouraged to observe n explore as a part of the constructivist approach that the school follows. Experimentation in science begins as early as in Kindergarten and continues throughout their schooling with simple day to day activities to big innovations like biodegradable plastic

The students participate every year in the CBSE Science Model making competition. They present creative ideas related to current issues by identifying related solutions. The students also participate in IRIS which promotes budding scientists.

The school is well equipped with a computer lab which facilitates the students to learn the subject practically. The students also participate in online CBSE competitions and explore the world of computers by programming and surfing under adult supervision.
Current affairs and general knowledge is vital for a student. This develops confidence and encourages the students to participate in quizzes at various levels. The Bournvita Quiz, Vodafone quiz are a few to mention. Every month a general knowledge magazine is given to each student. Every day there is a Newspaper reading session in the class to keep them up to date in the current affairs.
Art and craft can help students to develop their creativity and imagination. Tie & Dye, Glass painting, sand painting, thread painting are some of the art work taught in the school. Flower arrangement, vegetable carving, rangoli, poster and collage making are also highly appreciated.